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RCA and WIA Announce Partnership

Amy Beckham | Published on 11/29/2022
The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) and the Radio Club of America (RCA) today announced a new partnership designed to further the goals of both organizations through RCA’s participation in WIA’s annual Connect (X) trade show and utilization of WIA’s dynamic online learning program, the Telecommunications Education Center (TEC).

“WIA, through its Connect (X) trade show, brings together the major infrastructure ecosystem players that make 21st Century ubiquitous wireless connectivity available to all,” said WIA’s Vice President of Partnerships and Development, Jason Nelson. “RCA’s strategic initiatives in investing in youth and women, wireless education, and mentoring assistance to those starting wireless careers align exactly with WIA’s strategic goals, and we are thrilled to have them at this year’s Connect (X) in New Orleans. We look forward to working with RCA on these and other initiatives in the future.” 


RCA President John Facella said, “WIA is an excellent partner for RCA, because WIA represents the important future of wireless in 5G and 6G technologies. RCA has always been at the forefront of developments in wireless, and our partnership with WIA will help to continue that. WIA has a wonderful wireless training library in their Telecommunications Education Center (TEC), which will be available to RCA members. This will help facilitate RCA’s important initiatives in education, mentoring, and career development.  RCA welcomes WIA as a new partner.”

Read the full Press Release HERE.