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RCA brings under one umbrella professionals from every segment of the wireless industry, including:  antennas, broadband, broadcasting, cellular, consumer, distribution, education, legal/regulatory, manufacturing, marketing/sales, microwave, military, patents, public safety, satellites, semiconductors, transportation, and towers.  As a result, synergistic relationships are created across industry lines.

RCA’s Mission: The promotion of cooperation among those interested in scientific investigation in the art of Radio Communication.

RCA’s Vision:  Wireless is the ubiquitous invisible thread that ties together social, business, government, and international communications.  Modern society cannot function without it.   Therefore advancements in wireless science and art must be encouraged in order to improve society for all.

RCA’s Objectives are focused on the Future and the Present, while also honoring the Past.

Future: RCA gets public school youth interested in wireless and STEM subjects at an early age.  RCA then supports them with university scholarships.

Present:  RCA assists those just starting, or in the middle of their wireless careers, via training opportunities, our publications, our Technical Symposiums, mentoring, our Partners, and peer recognition via our annual Awards and Fellows events.

Past:  RCA through its publications, its Website, and its Partners, honors the inventors and entrepreneurs that brought wireless to where it is today, and provides lessons for all us to learn from.


Wireless was in its infancy when some teenaged radio experimenters gathered on January 2, 1909 for the first meeting of the Junior Wireless Club. The group was organized by E. Lillian Todd, a local inventor who was also the first female airplane designer, and who wanted to encourage “tinkering and experimentation”.

By 1911, the organization became the Radio Club of America.

RCA’s Youth Activities programover 30 years old, interests middle and high school students in STEM subjects by using amateur radio.  RCA’s active college scholarship program, also decades old, encourages those studying engineering and wireless related disciplines.  In cooperation with IWCE, RCA co-sponsors the Young Professionals program, recognizing and supporting high performance in people under 30.  RCA participates in multiple industry trade events and holds both in-person and virtual events to encourage networking and the exchange of ideas among members. The annual Technical Symposium is a unique day-long event that showcases innovative presentations in every segment of wireless, from antennas to satellite communications to public safety.

While firmly rooted in an illustrious wireless history, RCA is also grounded in the present with programs that inspire social and professional connections and encourage continuing education for people at every age and career stage.  At the same time, RCA monitors the technology innovations and market forces that will guide us all into the future of wireless. 

Become a member!  Participate in a networking event, attend the Technical Symposium or Awards Banquet and meet members from every segment of wireless!  Members are also encouraged to help on one of our committees.

Please also consider supporting The Radio Club of America with a sponsorship, donation, or legacy gift so we can continue our work into the next 100 years.  RCA is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, which means that your donation may qualify for tax benefits.

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