2016 Technical Symposium

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2016 Technical Symposium Agenda, Abstracts and Bios


  1. Secure Tactical Radios vs. Data
  2. Removing Economical Constraints of Rural Deployments with RAN hardware Innovation
  3. Armstrong at Columbia: Student to Great Radio Engineer
  4. Reactive to Pro-Active, Using the Rasberry Pi computer to build a Home Sensor Network
  5. RCA Youth Activities and Initiatives
  6. The New World of Wireless Broadband Fifth Generation or 5G What is it?
  7. A Millimeter Wave Future: The Renaissance of Wireless Communications
  8. In-Building Wireless Communications
  9. eDAS Enterprise Solutions
  10. EMR
  11. DAS Design and the Importance of Accurate Modeling
  12. Measuring in-building coverage performance with test tools
  13. Breaking the Top Secret ENIGMA Codes of WW-II


  • Enigma Museum table