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RCA’s 2017 Technical Symposium and Annual Banquet, Pittsburgh PA, November 17 & 18

Start planning now to attend our 2017 Technical Symposium and Annual Awards Banquet in Pittsburgh! Both will take place on Friday November 17, 2017, at the William Penn Hotel.

Unique for this event, we are planning an extensive tour of radio station KDKA, the first commercial radio station in the U.S.!  The tour will be open to RCA Members only, and will commence on Saturday November 18th.


About Radio Station KDKA:

KDKA is a clear channel Class A station operating at 1020 kHz on the AM radio dial.  It is a CBS affiliate with a news and talk format.  The transmitter operates at 50,000 watts, and at night can be heard over much of the eastern U.S. and into Canada, and during the day in the adjacent states and the province of Ontario.  The station also operates a TV station and an FM radio station (93.7 MHz))

KDKA has been called ‘the nation’s first broadcast radio station’ as a result of its broadcast of the presidential election results on November 2, 1920, in the Harding-Cox election (at the time it used the special amateur call sign of 8ZZ).

An extremely thorough historical  analysis of KDKA, including some of the disputes about ‘who was first’, can be found in the Wikepedia article at:  KDKA Wikipedia article


To understand what receiving KDKA meant to some people, we have an article that appeared in the New York World-Telegram Newspaper (now defunct) from May of 1958.  It was the first in a series of articles by writer John Ferris on the early days of broadcast radio.

World Telegram KDKA Article 1958

Introducing Radio Club of America

Founded in 1909, the Radio Club of America is the oldest, most prestigious group of wireless communications professionals in the world, with members across the globe. Its members are dedicated to the wireless art and science for the betterment of society. The Radio Club of America is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all contributions made to RCA are tax exempt.

Creating the Future

The future of wireless belongs to our youth, many of whom are unaware of the importance of the wireless industry, or of the wonderful career opportunities it presents. We have two major programs:

  • Youth Activities, focused on middle and high school students
    • Annually, one or two of the best of our youth present at our Annual Technical Symposium. We have had presentations from our youth on fractal antennas, pole climbing robots, high altitude ballooning, and other innovations
  • Scholarship program, focused on college/university students. We support approximately a dozen universities whose students are studying engineering, broadcast, communications, and similar majors

We believe that our focus on youth ensures the future of the wireless industry, and sets the Radio Club of America apart from most of the other professional wireless organizations. Join with us in creating the future!

Ensuring the Present

The Radio Club of America is also focused on helping wireless professionals of all ages to advance their careers. We accomplish this in several ways:

  • Our Annual Technical Symposium features some of the best minds in wireless, presenting innovative and unique solutions in wireless. Where else will you find the likes of Professor Frank Drake of SETI fame, or such “Wireless Wow” presentations on ‘Invisibility Cloaks,’ spectrum arbitrage, virtual sensors, using RF to disable IEDs, or 3D printed antennas?
  • At our Annual Meeting you will get a chance to meet keynote speakers like Bob Heil (audio engineer), Walter Cronkite (broadcaster), Marty Cooper (inventor of the cell phone), Dr. Ted Rappaport (professor and author of many radio wireless textbooks), David Sumner (president of the American Radio Relay League), and network with industry pioneers like Andy Seybold (wireless pundit), and Ray Trott P.E. (CEO of communications engineering firm)
  • At our breakfasts at industry trade shows, and other events, you will get a chance to hear from industry notables such as Dave Weisz (Motorola) and Brian Fontes (CEO of National Emergency Number Assoc.)

Included among our many members are those working in the various segments of the wireless industry, including: Antennas, Broadband, Broadcast, Cellular, Ham Radio, Infrastructure, Manufacturers, Military Communications, Parts Vendors, Public Safety / Land Mobile Radio, and Satellite.

Honoring the Past

The over 100-year history of the Radio Club is the history of wireless communication. The Club keeps alive the memory and lessons of past inventors and innovators, honoring those that contributed so much to the advancement of the wireless art. Included among our previous members were such notables as Armstrong (inventor of FM and the superhetrodyne receiver), Beverage (antennas), Link (land mobile radio), Poppele (founder of Television Broadcasters Assoc., started the WOR NY radio station, director for Voice of America), and dozens of others. Share the legacy that they left us, and help create new legacies for the future!

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We are adding a new feature to the RCA Website:  a short feature on a current member, what they are doing, and what their wireless interests are.  The member that is featured will be changed regularly.   Our first Member Spotlight is shown below:

Denis Marin

Introducing RCA Member

Denis Marin

Denis has been an RCA member for three years.   He is a veteran of over four decades in the land mobile communications industry, with a wide range of experience as a Field Technical Representative, System Design Engineer, Project Engineer, Program/Project Manager, and System Technologist in both domestic and international environments.

After “retiring” from a 25+ year career with Motorola, Mr. Marin began working with the County of Los Angeles California, culminating in the role of Senior Telecommunications Engineer, with responsibility for the redesign and expansion of the county’s 800 MHz simulcast and conventional radio systems.  He recently “retired” from service with the County of Orange California, where he was intimately involved with the Coordinated Countywide Communications System (CCCS) as Administrative Manager, responsible for several business units and many aspects of program support, including grants management and administration, as well as planning for the P25 system upgrade.

Mr. Marin is now starting a new business venture as a consultant in Public Safety Telecommunications, working with customers from their needs analyses through system commissioning, training, and ongoing support.  His experience has been enhanced by membership with industry groups such as NPSTC (Nat. Public Safety Telecommunications Council), CalSIEC (Cal. State Interoperability Executive Committee), CalOES (Cal. Office of Emergency Services), CPRA (Cal. Public Safety Radio Association), the Radio Club of America and others.  Mr. Marin has also been trained as a FEMA/NIMS COML (Communications Unit Leader) and COMT (Communications Technician).  Another unique component is his experience “on the streets” as a Reserve Deputy with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept.

Denis A. Marin Consulting

Yorba Linda, CA


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Annual Banquet

The Annual Technical Symposium and Banquet is our opportunity to catch up on the latest wireless innovations, network with the movers and shakers in our industry, and honor our industry’s finest contributors. It is held every year on the weekend before Thanksgiving, at alternating locations across the U.S. to ensure that all members get a chance to attend.  In 2017m we will be meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.  Included in the event will be a tour of the first radio broadcast station in the nation, KDKA, for RCA members who attend.  Stay tuned for more details.

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