New RCA Amateur Radio License Trustee

Dr. Eric Stoll, Ph.D., P.E., K2TO is retiring from his career at the Harris Corporation, and has asked the RCA to find a replacement as the RCA amateur license trustee.  RCA wishes to thank Dr. Stoll for his work in organizing the spring and fall RCA QSO parties, and holding the FCC amateur radio license W2RCA for the club for many years!  Dr. Stoll is also Treasurer Emeritus of the RCA, and again we thank him for his service to the Radio Club of America as an officer.

RCA Director Paul Gilbert has been approved by the RCA Board of Directors to become the new trustee of the club license, and to organize the QSO parties.  The license will be transferred in the near future, with assistance from VP and Club Counsel Barney Scholl.

The QSO parties provide an opportunity for RCA members who are licensed radio amateurs to contact one another on the airwaves.  The next such event is scheduled for Saturday May 6th 2017 beginning at 12 noon EDT.   More information can be found in the Upcoming Events Calendar.