RCA at Dayton Hamvention a Big Success!

RCA had a booth at the Annual Dayton Hamvention, the largest convention event for the amateur radio community in the U.S.  The event was held on 19-21 May, and featured over 500 indoor exhibits and over 2,500 outdoor exhibits.  Each year thousands of licensed radio amateurs attend this event.

RCA had a booth at the event to stimulate interest in RCA among the amateur radio community.  While RCA is NOT an amateur radio organization, many of its members got their first taste of wireless via the hobby of amateur radio.

Each year at Dayton Hamvention, RCA Director Carole Perry hosts a “Youth Forum” for students and youth who are interested in amateur radio.  This year was Carole’s 30th Youth Forum, and she was surprised to receive from RCA Director Charles Kirmuss a replica of the CW Morse code practice oscillator that she used in the 1980s with her early youth programs. 

There was standing room only at her 400 seat Youth Forum, which lasted beyond the allotted 3 hours, and was housed in one of the two largest rooms at the event.  Of special interest was a video that Carole produced “Where are They Now?” which featured six youth from past Dayton Youth Forums and where their careers led to.  

Each year Carole picks one youth presented from Dayton to be showcased at RCA’s annual Technical Symposium in November.  The quality of the presentations by these students is amazing, and her and RCA’s hope is that many of them are encouraged to pursue careers in wireless.  Director Carole Perry continues to pursue one of RCA’s core objectives, which is to further the art and science of wireless, and promote interest in science and engineering among our youth.

  • RCA Booth staffed by RCA President Emeritus Stan Reubenstein is visited by former ARRL Director Frank Butler

2017 Technical Symposium Call for Abstracts

We are looking for presenters for our 2017 Technical Symposium to be held in Pittsburgh on Friday November 17th.  We welcome “early technical work” in any area of wireless including antennas, broadband, broadcast, cellular, land mobile radio, military, or satellite topics. 

Of especial interest this year are topics in broadcast areas, because the day after our Technical Symposium and Annual Banquet attending RCA members will be able to tour station KDKA, which is considered by some to be the first broadcast station in the U.S.

Prospective presenters should include a 1-2 paragraph abstract of the topic they wish to present on, a title, a short bio, and a headshot.  Sometime in the early fall the abstracts will be reviewed and all be notified if they have been chosen.  As in previous years, presentations should be of a technical nature and not be a sales pitch.   Those that are chosen to present will have their slide decks placed on the RCA Website, and the presentations will be live streamed and video archived in the RCA YouTube channel thanks to iCOM of America.

Please send your submissions to

RCA Spring QSO Party for Radio Amateurs – Rules and Logforms

CQ RCA Amateur Radio Operators:  rules and spreadsheet log forms have been added to the calendar item regarding the QSO Party on the RCA Website.

Our New Club Trustee and QSO Party Organizer, Director Paul Gilbert, KE5ZW, is making the contest extra interesting and fun this year by having points based on what level of member you contact.  The top winners will get a certificate and mention in the RCA publications.  Remember the event is coming up Saturday May 6th, from 12 noon to 12 midnight EDT.  Enjoy!


New RCA Amateur Radio License Trustee

Dr. Eric Stoll, Ph.D., P.E., K2TO is retiring from his career at the Harris Corporation, and has asked the RCA to find a replacement as the RCA amateur license trustee.  RCA wishes to thank Dr. Stoll for his work in organizing the spring and fall RCA QSO parties, and holding the FCC amateur radio license W2RCA for the club for many years!  Dr. Stoll is also Treasurer Emeritus of the RCA, and again we thank him for his service to the Radio Club of America as an officer.

RCA Director Paul Gilbert has been approved by the RCA Board of Directors to become the new trustee of the club license, and to organize the QSO parties.  The license will be transferred in the near future, with assistance from VP and Club Counsel Barney Scholl.

The QSO parties provide an opportunity for RCA members who are licensed radio amateurs to contact one another on the airwaves.  The next such event is scheduled for Saturday May 6th 2017 beginning at 12 noon EDT.   More information can be found in the Upcoming Events Calendar.


IWCE 2017 Breakfast a Great Success!

The breakfast at IWCE in Las Vegas was attended by 115 people.  This year it was decided to allow more time for networking, so there was not an official speaker.

However, RCA Director and Youth Program Chair Carole Perry did introduce 16 year old high school student Anna Veal, who was given an the RCA Young Achiever Award by Stephanie McCall, Trade Show Director of Penton Publishing.  Anna was chosen by Carole Perry for her dedication in inspiring other young people to get involved with radio technology projects and amateur radio at her high school.  At age 11, Anna was an RCA Young Achiever at RCA’s Dayton Hamvention Youth Forum, and the winner of RCA’s “Young Ham Lends a Hand” contest, for her community outreach.

Thanks to the generosity of the breakfast attendees, over $700 was collected to help fund the RCA’s Youth Program.  RCA Director Charles Kirmuss said he would match up to $500 in donations, providing RCA with over $1,200 for its Youth Activities program.

Anna then briefly spoke about the many technical projects she is engaged in.  Anna is representative of the future of the wireless industry, and RCA salutes her, and the efforts of Director Carole Perry to introduce more school-age youth to wireless.

New Wireless Women Section on Website

In an effort to encourage more participation of women and girls in the wireless industry, the RCA has created a new section on the website called “Wireless Women” designed to assist women considering careers in wireless and encouraging girls to get involved with technology. Information includes resources such as “Notable Women in Wireless,” “RCA’s Vivian Carr Award,” “Professional Wireless Organizations for Women,” web resources for females of all ages interested in wireless, plus a list of universities with both an engineering focus and a significant female student population.

RCA President Tim Duffy said, “RCA has a long history of recognizing the achievements of women in wireless. Three former RCA presidents are women, and we have many female officers, directors, and committee members. We created the Vivian Carr award in 2014 to recognize women who have contributed significantly to the wireless industry, and Director Carole Perry has led RCA’s effort to educate youth about wireless for decades.”

“Thanks to the efforts of several of our female members including Secretary Margaret Lyons P.E., Executive Committee member and Marketing & Development Committee Chair Elaine Walsh, former RCA president Mercy Contreras, and others, we assembled information that might be useful to women or girls interested in wireless. We welcome additional ideas or input from the wireless community to help this section of our website become more useful.”

Radio Club of America and the Antique Wireless Association Sign Partnership Agreement

RCA and the Antique Wireless Association (AWA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that seeks to promote both organizations by increasing the value of membership to our respective members. Under the terms of the MOU, members of both clubs will receive a 5% discount on their membership dues for either existing or new memberships.  This agreement is effective immediately.

AWA Deputy Director Robert Hobday said “The AWA believes this MOU will open avenues to new or existing members for both organizations, and we are excited to partner with RCA.”  RCA President Tim Duffy said “RCA Director Dave Bart saw the potential in this partnership, because both of our organizations believe in honoring the past in order to ensure the future of the wireless industry.”

About AWA
The Antique Wireless Association was formed in 1952 and is an educational non-profit chartered by the State of New York. AWA operates the Antique Wireless Museum in Bloomfield, New York dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of technology used to communicate and entertain from the first telegram to today’s wireless text messaging. To learn more, visit