RCA invites its members to join a committee to assist in continuing the Club’s fine work. With shared effort and cooperation, committee members bring the selfless vitality that keeps the Club running smoothly, while performing the benefits and services that are vitally important. The Board of Directors would like to thank all committee chairs and members, who understand and appreciate the Club’s mission, and who wish to continue the fine work of the Radio Club for another 100 years.

To learn more about getting involved with a committee, please contact the chair.


CHAIR: Stan Reubenstein
Member: 1980
Fellow: 1989



The Awards Committee researches and selects members and nonmembers for receipt of awards to be presented at the Annual Awards Banquet.

Committee members: David Bart, Ernie Blair, Carroll Hollingsworth, Elaine Walsh


CHAIR: Karen Clark
Member: 1999
Fellow: 2004


The Banquet and Meetings Committee’s key duties include organizing the Club’s annual awards dinner to honor those that have achieved accomplishment deserving recognition. Securing an interesting keynote speaker is one of the most challenging assignments we have, and the committee welcomes ideas.

Constitution & By-Laws

CHAIR: Barney Scholl
Member: 2016


CHAIR: Stan Reubenstein
Member: 1980
Fellow: 1989



The Fellows Committee researches members that are recommended to elevation to Fellow.


CHAIR: Ron Jakubowski
Member: 1987
Fellow: 1993


The Finance Committee has responsibility for cost-benefit analysis of Club activities, recommendation of revenue producing activities, oversight of financial accounting, and submission of budgets.

Committee members: Margaret Lyons

 Historical and Museums & Archives

CHAIR: Paul Gilbert
Member: 2007
Fellow: 2012

Keeping The Radio Club Vibrant

CHAIR: Margaret Lyons
Member: 1998
Fellow: 2003


The committee was founded to establish a course for the Radio Clubs future. As we move forward into the Club’s second century, we need to keep the Club vibrant and relevant to attract new members.

Committee members: David Bart, Tim Duffy, John Facella, Craig Jorgensen, Carole Perry, Stan Reubenstein

Marketing & Development

CHAIR: Elaine Walsh
Member: 1983
Fellow: 1990


The Marketing & Development Committee develops and executes policies and procedures to attract new members, donations (for scholarship funds), sponsors, speakers, and volunteers, and to build positive awareness of the RCA and its mission.

Committee Members: Mark Allen, David Bart, Karen Clark, Harlin McEwen


CHAIR: Ernie Blair
Member: 1999
Fellow: 2011



The Membership Committee focuses on seeking out qualified individuals who share the Radio Club’s values in promoting our industry and expanding our vital scholarship fund so that we may benefit current and future generations. At the core of our values is the need to serve with honesty, dignity, and integrity and generate sufficient interest in the Club to ensure that potential members understand and embrace our belief that we need to promote the future, honor the past, and continue to expand our scholarship program to the benefit of tomorrow’s engineers and scientists and the future of our industry.

Informally, every member of the Radio Club of America is a part of the Club’s Membership Committee and each member carries the largest burden for the Club in promoting and representing our values.

Committee Members: Michael Clarson, Alan Leffler, Margaret Lyons

Nominations & Elections

CHAIR: Nathan “Chip” Cohen
Member: 2010



The Nominations & Elections Committee oversees the Club’s election process. The committee is responsible for the nomination of candidates, distribution of ballots, counting of votes and final election report.

Committee members: Mark Allen, Michael Clarson


CHAIR: David Bart
Member:  2009


Technical Editor: Jack Belrose
Editor: Glenn Bischoff
Papers Review:  Gil Houck

Committee members: Elaine Walsh

Regional Conferences

CHAIR: Stan Reubenstein
Member: 1980
Fellow: 1989



This committee includes the Texas Event as well as the IWCE/APCO Conferences. The Texas Event committee assists in providing technical sessions at the Texas APCO conference, as well as promoting the event to the technical public safety community in Texas. In addition, the Texas Event Committee plans, promotes and executes the RCA Texas Dinner at the annual Texas APCO conference.

The IWCE/APCO Committee  is responsible for planning and execution of the Radio Club breakfasts held at IWCE and APCO conferences.

Committee Members: Karen Clark, Mercy Contreras

Scholarship Fund

CHAIR: Rich Biby
Member: 1994
Fellow: 2000


The Scholarship Fund Committee oversees the requests for consideration from colleges, makes recommendations to the Board for approval and communicates with the colleges to receive the scholarship funds before and after the grants are made.

Technical Symposium

CHAIR: John Facella
Vice President
Member: 1987
Fellow: 2009



VICE-CHAIR: Nathan “Chip” Cohen
Member: 2012


The committee’s purpose is to line up speakers and coordinate the details of the annual Tech Symposium, to ensure that we are providing presentations about the current and future state of the wireless art.


CHAIR: John Facella
Vice President
Member: 1987
Fellow: 2009



CO-CHAIR: Mark Allen
Member: 1988
Fellow: 2001


The Website Committee is committed to keeping the website updated with the Club’s current and future events of interest to its members and collecting and posting historical information related to the Club in an on going effort to honor the past.

Youth Activities

carole purple jktCHAIR: Carole Perry
Member: 1991
Fellow: 1995


The Youth Activities Program was started by Carole Perry get middle and high school students interested in radio. This program is spreading throughout the country and is producing some outstanding young people who are interested in radio and science. Each year, at the Dayton Hamvention, Carole showcases some of her brightest students. As of 2015, her program has produced 6 RCA Young Achievers who have spoken at the annual Technical Symposium and 77 RCA Young Achievers worldwide.

Committee members: Mercy Contreras, Charles Kirmuss, Stan Reubenstein, Richard Somers, Gordon West

RCA Radio Amateur License W2RCA Trustee & RCA QSO Party Organizer

Paul Gilbert

Member: 2007
Fellow: 2012